The Gathering Table

Kathy Mitrano

This ain’t your momma’s cookbook! It’s so much more! Yes, there are lots and lots of mouth-watering recipes that are sure to excite taste buds and fill bellies! But what would those fabulous recipes be without the captivating stories behind them? Okay, they would still be awesome recipes sure to produce scrumptious food! But Kathy Mitrano is serving up something far more meaningful than what food alone can offer. She is sharing memories and inspiring the reader with a cookbook which is about so much more than just good food. In The Gathering Table, the author has taken us “Behind the Food” to get the backstory of these delectable dishes. Growing up in a large family (the author was the 8th of 9 siblings), you would imagine that the dining room table would become an integral part of life. The book’s title came easy as the Mitrano family table was a place of food and fun shared by family and friends. It was a place where smiles and laughter were shared, and memories were made and continue to be made meaning there is a second cookbook in the works! Mitrano has succeeded in sharing her passion for cooking in a way that makes it appear that anyone can do it! Well almost anyone (reviewer excluded). . Mitrano is a self-proclaimed “simple home cook” and makes it clear that you don’t have to find “unique” or “extravagant” ingredients to make an amazing meal. Living in a rural area herself, Mitrano learned the art of finding what she needed locally as she didn’t want to have to travel far to find ingredients. However, you can be assured that plenty of people are traveling many miles to get a seat at her table! The Gathering Table is much more than a cookbook. It’s an idea that we can get back to the simplicity of gathering to share meals and make memories with our families. In a “hustle and bustle” era surely there’s never been a greater need for the message Mitrano is sharing. We are surrounded by fast food and even faster conversations. Or worse, no conversations and too little family interaction. Isn’t it time for that to change? Isn’t it time again for The Gathering Table?