The Help Broke Girl


Kathryn Stockett


Cover Design- The cover is plain. It has nothing eye catching about it. What do birds have to do with this book? I wouldn't pay this any attention if I saw it in a bookstore. 1 star Concept- This book is about the Help obviously. It tells the story of how the upper clas in the 60's treated the people who worked for them. It's a story within a story, meaning the characters within the book are writing a book about how they are treated. It's an interesting concept. 3 stars Plot/Subplot- The plot is interesting and unique. It touches on issues not only from the 1960's but this day and age as well. The subplot is Skeeter's finding her voice and her place in this world. 3 stars Character Development- Skeeter is the Junior League member who begins to question life as she knows it. She is aware of the injustice the help faces on a day to day basis. She wants to let them tell their story. Aibileen and Minnie are the two main ones who tell their story. As the reader I felt their pain and struggle. The characters were written in a way the reader can feel how each day is hard for them. Hilly the president of the Junior League is annoying, full of herself and superficial. 5 stars Entertainment Level- I read the book after I saw the movie so I knew how it would go. The book obviously had more in it. I was entertained and able to escape into the story. 5 stars Overall rating- 3 ½ stars