The Host

Stephenie Meyer

Cover Design-The cover for The Host is eye catching because of it’s simplicity. This seems to be a pattern with Meyer. However had I not been a fan of her other work I wouldn’t have picked up this book to read the synopsis on the back cover. 2 Stars

Character Development– I found the main character annoying. The constant flip from Melanie to the Wander was confusing at times and hard to deal with. 2 Stars

Concept– I found the Concept of the host new and exciting. However it was overly dramatized at times and in need of less description. 2 stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– I feel the plot of The Host was overdone. At times it seemed repetitive. Meyer had a good idea for the most part but she tended to over embellish when it wasn’t needed. As for the subplot it got lost with in the Overall story. 2 Stars

Entertainment Level– I had to force myself to finish The Host. At firt I thought it was just slow to get going but it wasn’t that. It took me a month to read it. I didn’t want to pick it up. It didn’t have me  on the edge of my seat anxious to see what happened next. When I finally read the last page I was relieved it was over. The characters and story had been inadvertently I wouldn’t recommended it to anyone. 2 Stars

Overall I think The host could have been a better book had Meyer shortened it. I understand she is planning a sequel  I won’t be reading it. 2 stars