The Hunger Games Series

Suzanne Collins

Cover Design– The Cover of The Hunger Games is boring. Dark colors with an unusual bird with an arrow in a circle. It gives nothing of the story away. Would I have picked it up to read it based on the cover? No. 1 Star.

Book 2, Catching Fire, the cover has a slightly better cover. The brown is better than the black and the bird is more noticeable but again it isn’t enough to catch my eye. 2 Stars

With Book 3 Mockingjay, Collins did a more vibrant background color as well as giving the bird more of a lifelike quality. This would have attracted my attention. 3 stars

Concept– The Concept of The hunger Games is intriguing and appalling at the same time. The idea of children fighting to the death is horrible. The reader learns that this is what is to happen and that it’s not the first time it’s been done. This has been done for years. I was disgusted and angry all at the same time. How could the parents agree to such a terrible thing? Then Katniss volunteers as tribute for her little sister, Prim. As much as I wanted to put this horrifying book down, I wanted to know what happened. Collins took her horrifying Concept a step further in book two. After taking the reader on a heart wrenching ride with Katniss in book one, Collins does it again in book two. As the reader, I thought she couldn’t possibly do anymore to that poor girl but I was wrong. Then to do what she does in Mockingjay, I was horrified and appalled at Collins story. The Concept is unique and intriguing. 5 Stars

Plot/Sub-Plot-Collins made sure the romance between Katniss and Peeta didn’t over take the main plot of her story. The horrific reality the districts live in beneath the tyrants rule and the horrifying games the children are required to ‘play’. 4 Stars

Character Development– In The Hunger Games, Collins introduces the reader to Katniss, Peeta and a slew of other characters. Each character helps the reader to understand a little more about this new and strange world. I felt Katniss’ pain and horror when her sister’s name was called. I felt her sadness when Rue died. 5 Stars

In Catching Fire Collins once more introduces characters that will come to help Katniss in her journey to bring down the capital and Snow. Collins has a way of pulling the reader in and making them feel like they are at Katniss’ side helping her fight or torn between her feelings for Gale and Peeta. 5 Stars

In book 3-Mockingjay- Collins takes all the characters she’s introduced and brings them together in a climatic ending in a way that makes the reader feel as if they lost a little sister, a friend, or district of their own. 5 Stars

Entertainment Level– This series is interesting, horrifying and captivating all a once. Collins sucks the reader in from the first page and leaves them heart broken and somewhat satisfied at the last page. Collins shows the love of a sibling, how willing one will make the ultimate sacrifice for the other. With the story as horrifying in a way that this is and then to end it with the one person Katniss was trying to keep alive dying the reader couldn’t help being entertained. I couldn’t put the book done. I only read book one because I saw the commercial for the movie. I try to read the book before seeing the movie and I’m glad I did. 5 Stars.

Overall 5 Stars