The John Tree


Carole Moeller


Cover Design- the cover is simple but eye catching. You see this tree and can’t help wondering why these kids are sitting beneath it. The colors are bright and appealing. 5 STARS Concept- I love the way Carole wrote about her brother. What a great way to remember the one you love and teach at the same time. The idea of having each child draw a picture of a tree and say what it’s good for is a great way of teaching not only the types of trees in the world but also what they are good for. Good job! 5 STARS Plot/subplot- The plot is simple. Teacher has kids draw pictures of trees and talk about what they are good for. The subplot is the meaning behind the John tree. A tree no one had heard of until Lucy told them about it. 5 STARS Character Development- in a children’s book there isn’t enough time to go into great detail about each character. You just get to see the basics of the character. But in children’s books there are most likely pictures of the characters, so you see more than read about them. The characters in the john tree are just normal children in school. You get to see the differences in them. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- I read this story in less than five minutes. It is a cute story that children will love. They will not only learn about the different types of trees but also about how children are different. We are all different in one way or another. This story shows children that different or not we are all unique. Just like the trees. 5 STARS Overall- 5 STARS