The Kissing Booth 2 Going the Distance

Beth Reekles

Cover Design- This cover is plain. Nothing about it goes along with the title. Had I not read book one I wouldn’t have glanced at this book. Nothing about it is eye catching. 1 star

Concept- Elle is now dating Noah long distance. She’s feeling like a third wheel with Lee and Rachel. She’s now a senior in high school. A new guy comes in play and Elle finds herself spending time with him. She begins to suspect Noah is cheating on her. Classic problem of a long distance relationship. Nothing really new or exciting. 2 stars

Plot/Subplot- It’s hard to tell what is suppose to be the plot and whats suppose to be the subplot. It’s almost like Reekles couldn’t decide if she wanted Elle and Noah’s relationship to be the plot or Elle and Levi’s friendship. 2 Stars

Character Development- Because you meet all the main characters in the first book, the only characters are Levi and his family that are new. Reekles gives the bare minimum of description about Levi. The reader learns more as the story unfolds. 4 stars

Entertainment Level- I enjoyed the book. I wanted to know if Elle and Noah ended up together or if Levi ruined it. It was a keep me up all night book, the kind I like. 5 stars

Overall rating 2 ½ stars