The Kissing Booth

Beth Reekles

Cover Design- Simple cover of a boy and a girl. With really nothing to jump out at the reader. The tag line is slightly intriguing but other than that it wouldn’t attract my attention while walking through a bookstore. 1 Star

Concept- Beth Reekles manages to breathe new life into a genre that is overdone. Two best friends have children on the same day, Elle and Lee. Said children become so close as they grow they are almost like twins with their closeness. They spend so much time at each others houses that they are almost family. Lee’s older brother, Noah, has a reputation as a fighter and a player. He has the urge to protect Elle from all the boys at school. He says it’s because he sees her like his kid sister, but we find out later it’s because he likes her. Reekle doesn’t just let Noah and Elle become a couple, she builds on th attraction between them. All the while keeping with Lee and Elle’s friendship. Bring in the kissing booth. A carnival booth that shouldn’t be anything special but this one changes everything for Elle. 5 Stars

Plot/Subplot- The Kissing Booth is a character driven book. You instantly are pulled into the story and Elle’s life. The reader is torn between wanting Elle to keep from messing up her friendship with Lee to wanting Elle and Noah to get together. The introduction of the Kissing Booth starts the subplot or maybe it’s the plot of the story. I guess it depends on who you are rooting for in the book. 5 stars

Character Development- From the beginning I was intrigued to know more about each character. Each new piece of information made me want more. Reekles has a way of writing that makes the reader feel like they are a part of the story. They get to know Elle, Lee and Noah. The friendship between Elle and Lee is the kind of friendship some people search for and never find. I can understand why she feared losing it. The relationship between Noah and Elle is like most first loves, but there’s a deeper bond because of the history behind the connection. 5 stars

Entertainment Level- I loved the Kissing Booth! I was entertained from beginning to end. I didn’t want to put it down! I had to know if Elle forgave Noah for being…well a boy. 5 stars

overall I give 4 stars