The Snowman Who Wouldn’t Behave


Carole Moeller


Cover Design- the cover of this book is colorful and eye catching. A child would definitely see it and want to know more. 5 STARS Concept- in today’s children’s book market finding a new concept isn’t easy. Carole found a way to take a snowman and make him fun. He gives away different things to different animals. It’s a great way to talk to your children about sharing. 5 STARS Plot/Subplot – The plot in children’s books are simple because they are meant to entertain and teach children. The plot in this book is that the snowman giving away his things. The subplot is what they children learn from this. 5 STARS Character Development- the main character is the snowman. He is defined in the way he gives to people. In children’s books it’s not easy to develop the character as the books are short. Carole does a good job in doing this. 5 STARS Entertainment Level- I read this book in five minutes. It was a cute story and easy to read. Children will love this. It is a perfect read on a snowy day or any other day as well! 5 STARS Overall- 5 stars