The Voyage


E.K. Dobbins


The Voyage is a book about a woman and her child that finds out that the woman Milea's twin sister is in trouble and that she needs to get to her right away. With communication lost between the sisters it is now Milea's job to navigate her way to get to her sister as soon as possible, but also knowing that they will have lots of adventure and fighting on their hands. On a journey that has become an adventure they have to go through lots of twists and turns to fight for their lives to get to her and once they do get to her, they have to fight even harder to get back home again. With dragons, sorceresses, elves, dead skeletons, magic, and more. This book takes you on an adventure and keeps you at the edge of your seat to wanting to read it even more. I cannot wait to be able to read the sequel to this book. -Tiffany