There's An Elephant in the Yard

Hannah Goebel

Cover Design– the cover for this book is colorful and fun. It is drawn in a way to get a child’s attention. 5 Stars

Character Development– I found Dougie to be easily relatable for children and Heppie was the kind of friendly elephant children would love. 5 Stars

Concept– I found this Concept exciting and relatable. Who wouldn’t love to look in their back yard and find an elephant? 5 stars

Plot/Sub-Plot– the plot of this book is a child living an adventure in is back yard. An elephant happens to come to his backyard and he sees it. 5 stars

Entertainment Level– I think this book will entertain children whether they red it or you read it to them. They will enjoy Heppie’s adventure and wish they were Dougie. 5 Stars

Overall 5 Stars