Twilight Saga


Stephenie Meyer


Cover Design-Twilight is simple, not eye catching in any way. I wouldn't have done more than glance at it as I browsed the shelves in the fantasy section. If not for a friend suggesting I read it and it coming in where I worked I wouldn't have read it. 2 Stars New Moon, book 2 is slightly more eye catching. The blood dripping off the white flower is intriguing. It stand out against the black background. I would have glanced at it but I wouldn't have bought it when there were so many others more eye catching. 3 Stars Just when it looked like she was improving, Meyer does a frayed red ribbon on Eclipse- book 3. Nothing about the cover says pick me up and see what I'm about. 1 Star. The cover of the final book in the series, Breaking Dawn has a chess piece on it. It does stand out against the black background but still it's not very eye catching. 3 stars Over all for the entire series- 2 stars Concept-Twilight's Concept isn't all together unique-human girl falls for vampire. However this vampire isn't like your ordinary run of the mill vampire, assuming there is such a thing. He sparkles in sunlight. He has a vampire family and they live off animal blood. A human girl with divorced parents reluctantly goes to live in a rainy town with her father. It turns out to be a decision she is thankful for. 5 stars. In New Moon Meyer takes her Concept even further. The vampire’s conscience gets the better of him and he leaves the fragile human to protect her. The idea of a vampire being more concerned with the safety of a human than himself is unusual. 5 stars Eclipse sees the main character torn between the vampires that left her and the werwolf best friend. The way Meyer tells the story through Bella's eyes, the reader sees the struggle, feels it as Bella tries to choose between what she should do and what she wants. 5 stars In the final book Breaking Dawn, Meyer takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster  from the much anticipated wedding to an unexpected pregnancy, to Bella joining the Cullen family as a vampire.  The idea of a half vampire/half human child that ages rapidly and then stops is highly unusual. I loved it. 5 stars Concept for all the books-5 stars Plot/Sub-Plot- The plot of the Twilight Saga is Bella and Edward's relationship, but the sup-plot is the friendship with Jake and issues with the Volturi. The way Meyer weaves the story pulls the reader in. Half the readers were Team Edward the other half were Team Jacob. When a book can do that you have an accomplished what every author hopes to. 5 stars Character Development- In Twilight Meyer introduced the reader to Bella and you instantly connect with her or dislike her. The reader follows her as she embarks on a new chapter in her life. As she meets new people, the reader does too. Meyer has a way of pulling the reader into Bella's world and making them feel as if they are within her world. Meyer's vampires are unique. They sparkle in the sun. They are vegetarians. They live as a family. All the character play a part in Bella's story. 5 Stars In New Moon Meyer takes one of her main characters and the main supporting characters and has them leave town. That's unheard of. She introduces a new set of supporting characters to tell the next part of Bella's story. This is risky but it doesn't take away from the story. 5 stars Meyer combines her vampires from Twilight and the werwolves from New Moon together in book 3, Eclipse. She introduces a set of new vampires that aren't overly important, but don't last long. While bringing what started with Victoria in Twilight to a dramatic end. 5 Stars In Breaking Dawn Meyer once more brings in a slew of new character. Normally doing so this far into a series takes away from the book, but in this case these characters are needed for the Overall plot of this book. 5 stars Overall Character Development for the series 5 Stars Entertainment Level- I enjoyed Twilight. I was heart broken in New Moon. I wanted to smack Bella as she struggled to choose between Edward and Jacob in eclipse and I was there every moment as she experienced life as a newborn vampire. Until the Twilight series I'd never read a book more than once. The moment I finished Breaking Dawn I started on Twilight again. I have no idea how many times I’ve read them at this point. 5 stars. Overall the series 4 starsall together I give book one 2 stars