Washington Junction


Carole Moeller


Cover design– simple bright colors. If a child was into trains and saw this book, they would definitely want to read it. 5 stars

Concept- trains are at times an overdone subject of children’s books. After all there are a few popular ones, Thomas, The polar express and the little engine that could. Carlos chose to write his book on the station they stop at more than the trains themselves. 5 stars

Plot/subplot– The plot is the station. This station sees all kinds of trains come through. With each one Carlos talks about the station and what it does for the trains. 5 stars

Character development– this is a little tricky for this book as the characters are trains and a station. That being said Carlos did describe them really well. 5 stars

Entertainment Level- This book is a quick read. Kids who love trains will love it. They will be easily entertained and will be able to read it to themselves. 5 stars

Overall– 5 stars I would recommend this book to all children’s and schools.