Christopher Pike

Cover Design- By 1986 standards this was probably a great cover. But in 2020 it is very plain. There’s nothing appealing about this cover. The title nor the blurb on the cover would help attract the readers attention. 1 star

Concept- When I first read Weekend I found the concept exciting and intriguing. For YA in the late 80’s, it was awesome. In 2020 YA has evolved in a way that the concept is simple. It’s still interesting, but simple. 3 stars

Plot/Subplot- There is no subplot and the plot is subpar. 3 stars

Character Development- When I first read this book I felt the characters were interesting and easy to connect to. As I was reading it this time I found Pike overly shared when describing the characters. I prefer to learn a bout my characters as I read, not as if I’m reading a dossier on them. 2 stars

Entertainment Level- Obviously I kept this book for 30 years so it must have entertained me back then. I read it multiple times too. Was I entertained when I read it this time? Mildly. The detail was a bit overdone but overall it was a good read. 3 Stars