Wish List

Pete Stone

What’s your wish list? In this book, we learn about a man named Keith Greenhalgh who had such a list. This “wish list” is not some vain and selfish bucket list. Instead, the author does a masterful job of making us think about what good we truly could accomplish in this world if we a good “wish list.” “But it’s gonna take money, a whole lot of spending money” as the song goes and so Keith Greenhalgh has that covered when he wins the “Euromillions” lottery. However, it’s much more than money, it’s ingenuity, it’s hard work and perhaps most of all, compassion for those around him that prove Keith to be an exceptional man with or without the lottery winnings. There are some great quotes and object lessons throughout the book that will truly engage the reader to consider hat he or she would do if they had the resources and opportunity given Keith Greenhalgh. The better question might be, what are we doing with what we’ve already been given and what is still left on our “wish list” and why?